Jan 6 - PRAY: It's All About You

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Jan 13 - Prayer: The Big Picture

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Jan 20 - Communion Prayer

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Jan 27 - Growing in Prayer

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christmas gallery

Finding Yourself in the Christmas Story

December 2      THE WISE MEN

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December 9      ZACHARIAH

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December 16     JOSEPH

December 23    SIMEON

Exploring the message of hebrews

October 7      Awe-inspiring JESUS
                       Experience His Awesome Presence
October 14     Radical JESUS
                       Feel the Full Weight of His Authority
October 21     Surprising JESUS
                       Find Unexpected Rest in Him
October 28    Compassionate JESUS
                        Discover the Depth of His Mercy
November 4    Magnificent JESUS
                         Embrace the Wonder of His Grace
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November 11    Transformational JESUS
                         Consider His Power to Change Lives
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November 18   Unstoppable JESUS
                         Partner in His Enduring Mission
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fall message series

Sept 9 - Pastor Glenn Teal
  Stop Going to Church - BE the church
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Sept 16 - Pastor Glenn Teal
   Stop Going to Church - GROW personally

Sept 23 - Pastor Shane Bengry
   Stop Going to Church - CONNECT/SERVE relationally

Sept 30 - Rami
   Stop Going to Church - REACH GLOBALLY