DFM Student Ministries is our 7th-12th grade ministry program. We are here to Love God and Love Others. This is seen in our community outreach projects and fellowship with one another. We aim to make Jesus known throughout all of Davison and hope to further the Kingdom of God each day by uniting with the Body of Christ.

Weekly teen events & services:

   Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in the Cafe (located downstairs)

Sunday evenings: High School 6:00-8:00 pm in Teen Room

   Wednesday evenings: Middle School 6:00-8:00 pm in Teen Room

How to ENJOY Reading the Bible

During September and October of 2017, the Youth Groups went through an extensive series titled "How to ENJOY Reading the Bible." This series went through things such as Translations, Genres, Historical Context/Background, Themes, and Interpretation Styles for the Bible. 

Churches have done a bad job at assuming anyone can pick up the Bible and instantly understand what it is saying. The majority of my teenagers expressed frustration with trying to read the Bible in some manner or other. I sought out to cut down the confusion and bring new light and understanding to their reading. In the process, I wrote a companion book (though, this is the abridged first draft) that is free for anyone to read through. Below, you'll find a link to the PDF of this book. 

How to ENJOY Reading the Bible

Upcoming Events


    High Schoolers, please fill out this survey. Thank you! 

  • February 19th, 21st, 23rd Remodel Rooms 1:30-4:00 pm

    We will be doing our remodeling downstairs during this time. Community Service Hours will be provided for any who need them. Food will also be provided. 

  • February 21st: NO MIDDLE SCHOOL

    Due to Intercession, no Middle School. 

  • February 25th: High School 6-8pm

  • February 28th: Middle School 6-8pm Favorite Character Night

    Come dressed as your favorite character from any movie, video game, cartoon, anime, book, etc. 

  • March 10th: Skyzone (Middle School ONLY)

    We will be going to Skyzone in Shelby township. Cost is $20 per person, or $15 per sibling. Please get the money to Pastor Cody by March 9th. We will leave at 12:15pm and be back by 4:15pm. Fill out the waiver here and bring it with you. Parents are welcome to join us, contact Pastor Cody for more info. 

  • March 21st: Middle School Dress-Up Decades

    Come dressed as any decade attire you would like! 

  • April 14th: Laser Tag (Middle School ONLY)

    Price & Location TBD. 

  • April 25th: Middle School Mario Night

    Come dressed as your favorite Mario character!

  • May 16th: Middle School Moana/Disney Night

    Come dressed as your favorite Disney character as we watch Moana. 

  • May 26th: Jurassic Park Marathon (Middle School ONLY)

    We will be having a Jurassic Park marathon from Jurassic Park 1-Jurassic World. First movie starts at 11am and Jurassic World will end a little before 8pm. Please bring $5 per person to cover food and drinks! 

  • June 23rd: Sport N' Fun (Middle School ONLY)

    Middle School Summer Bash will be at Sport-N-Fun in Farmington Hills. We will meet at the Church at 11am, and get there by 12pm. We will be back to the Church by 3:15pm. Cost is $55 per person, or $35 per sibling. Please bring all money to Pastor Cody by June 16th. If any parents would like to join us on this trip, please contact Pastor Cody!