DFM Student Ministries is our 7th-12th grade ministry program. We are here to Love God and Love Others. This is seen in our community outreach projects and fellowship with one another. We aim to make Jesus known throughout all of Davison and hope to further the Kingdom of God each day by uniting with the Body of Christ.

Weekly Events Summer 2018

Sunday Mornings: NO SUNDAY SCHOOL

Sunday Evenings (Starting July 8th): High School @ Ripperger House 7-9pm

Wednesday Evening: NO MIDDLE SCHOOL


Our vision for 2018 is to build a stronger and more supportive community. This means taking the opportunity to attend each other's events. If there is a school event on a Sunday or Wednesday night, we will take that night to go as a group and support the person(s) involved. If it is on another night, we will attempt to be there, as well. 

Community is a word that gets thrown around a lot in this world, but it is something more than just a noun. It takes action. It takes practice. It takes heart. Showing love to each other by simply being there is a huge step towards a Christian community that shines bright for other's to see. This is our goal for 2018-2019 school year.

Permission/Waiver Form

Any time we go on a trip somewhere, we need a new permission and medical consent waiver filled out. This is for the church's protection, but more importantly for the teen's. 

Please click here to download the form. The consent form can be typed or handwritten, but must be returned to Pastor Cody at the earliest moment possible. 

Thank you. 

Upcoming Events


    Middle School will take a break for the month of July and will start up again in the middle of August. We do this for multiple reasons: 1) Davison Schools have a much more shortened Summer Vacations than the other surrounding districts. So we give all of our kids an opportunity to enjoy their summer with each other. 2) Many families squeeze in vacation times and it brings our attendance down to zero some weeks, so we just avoid that all together. 3) It's Summer! 


    High School will do something different. We will have dinner somewhere every first Sunday of the month, and meet at Pastor Cody's house each week afterwards. We will continue to meet on Sunday nights from 7-9 pm. There will be food, discussion, and games to end the night each week (unless stated otherwise). 

    We keep High School going because many are able to drive themselves, so they have more freedom to see friends and experience Summer Vacation on their own. Yes, families go on vacation, but we have seen more attendance in High School over the Summer than Middle School. Therefore, we give our High Schoolers a chance to get together and talk about Jesus a little more as it requires more of a sacrifice on their part. 

  • August 1st: No Middle School

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How to ENJOY Reading the Bible

During September and October of 2017, the Youth Groups went through an extensive series titled "How to ENJOY Reading the Bible." This series went through things such as Translations, Genres, Historical Context/Background, Themes, and Interpretation Styles for the Bible. 

Churches have done a bad job at assuming anyone can pick up the Bible and instantly understand what it is saying. The majority of my teenagers expressed frustration with trying to read the Bible in some manner or other. I sought out to cut down the confusion and bring new light and understanding to their reading. In the process, I wrote a companion book (though, this is the abridged first draft) that is free for anyone to read through. Below, you'll find a link to the PDF of this book. 

How to ENJOY Reading the Bible