Preparing for 2019

Serve Our City

Each year DFMC takes a Sunday to focus on serving in our community. 

Areas where we have served include:

Davison Public Schools

My Brother's Keeper

Whaley Memorial Home

Flint YWCA

YWCA of Flint, Urban Farm

Davison Abernathy Park

and more

We are currently making plans for our next Serve Our City that will be held on Sunday, May 19, 2019

We invite you to register for one of the serving sites in the next few day after we post the

sites and jobs for this year's serving opportunities.

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On Sunday, June 11, we held our 4th annual #ServeourCity, where in lieu of worship at our location, 

we left our building and served our city at 9 different locations.

2017 project list

1) Cleaned up in Flint neighborhood at Adams & Newll

2) Cleaned vehicles, painted, did yard work at Whaley Children's Center

3) Installed a fence and flower planters at Davison Siple Elementary School

4) Did garden work at EMFlower Garden in Flint

5) Primed & painted new office space, installed sink & toilet, and landscaped at Autism support & Resource Center in Burton

6) Prayed for City of Flint

7) Built a ramp at an Otisville home

8) Packed supplies and crafts for ESC students and homeless

9) Cared for children so parents could participate in Serve our City projects


On Sunday June 12, 2016, we held our third annual #SERVEourCity - where in lieu of worship at our location, we left the building and served our city in 10 different community projects.  

Click here for photos of the event.

Click here to watch "Serve our City 2016" review video.

2016 project list:

1) helping YWCA of Greater Flint prepare for building relocation

2) painting & gardening at EmFlower Urban Garden in Flint, MI

3) packing food & craft packs for Davison Alternative High School and Harbor Dinner Church in Detroit, MI

4) landscaping at Davison High School

5) providing encouraging books to the inmates at Genessee County Jail

6) organizing and landscaping at Family Promise Day Center

7) preparing a meal for 40 homeless and veterans at My Brother's Keeper

8) landscaping & repairs at Burton MI Autism Resource & Support Center

9) prayer walk through and for downtown Flint

10) childcare for service participants