We believe as followers of Jesus, we are each called to serve as an expression of our love for Him. There are many ways to serve at Davison Free Methodist Church - Sunday mornings and throughout the week - from kids/student ministries, worship ministries, to behind the scenes ministries, off site ministries and more. We invite you to click here for the opportunities available to see what might fit your gifts, passions, and schedule.

For more information, contact Bailey Swenor 

Hello Team & Worship

* Our Hello Team is a great way to get to know the people that come through our doors. People of all ages can volunteer to make others feel welcome every Sunday morning. A select group is chosen each week to mingle around the front of the church Sunday Morning starting at 10:15 to approximately 5 minutes after the service starts. Time Commitment: at least one Sunday  a month.

* Usher volunteer options are a fantastic opportunity to help during the Sunday  service. The ushers can be required to help with setup  of communion, seat people as they enter the worship center if seating looks limited, pass the baskets during time of giving and any other small task that is needed to make the service run smoothly. Ushers also help when the church partakes in communion.
Leader: Amy Edmonds 

* Worship includes positions such as musicians, tech booth, video, sound and live stream. Training is required for several of these volunteer options. When helping on a Sunday morning all volunteers are to show up for practice at 9:00 A.M.
Leader: Ben Salazar 

Youth Ministry

* Teens meet every Wednesday from 6-7:30 during the school year to hang out, learn, and discuss in small groups. Small group leaders come to discuss specific questions regarding a specific topic with either the girls or the boys. The leaders are expected to interact with the students on and outside of Wednesday nights.

* Volunteers helping with event planning help orchestrate events done for the teens throughout the year, including Boys/Girls Night, Winter Retreat, and more. This is for people that want to engage with teens but cannot commit to every Wednesday.
Leader: Shawn Delacourt 

Children’s Ministry

*Children’s Ministry includes Kid’s Connection (1st grade and higher), Early Childhood                               (Pre K -Kindergarten), and Nursery (toddlers and infants). Teachers work through a lesson plan given to them ahead of time and are  provided with a helper to keep children focused and on task. Helpers are needed for Kid’s Connection, Early Childhood, and Nursery.

* Event Planners are needed to help plan and execute events done for families in the church, including Holiday Programs, Vacation Bible School, and more.

* A Set Up volunteer helps with checking supplies and coming in during the week to set up for teachers on a Sunday morning.

* Toy Cleaners would come in during the week and help clean the toys used in the nursery and Early Childhood rooms. This can be done with a sprayer.
Teachers, Helpers, and Event Planners are required to provide a background check.
Leader: Emma Delacourt 

Building & Security

* To be a part of the Building Care and Repair team, maintenance experience is required. Some services done by this team include: church and parsonage repair, building set pieces, system checks, outdoor maintenance, and more.
Building Adviser: Wes Ellis 

* Church Décor/Set Design involves a more creative team. Such projects can include holidays and special events such as decorating the church for Christmas, Easter, and Vacation Bible School. The stage design is changed according to sermon series or holidays and some require more experienced builders.
Leader: Alicia Bartels 

* Security offers positions for people interested in keeping our church safe. During Sunday services our security team roams the building on alert for anything that may be suspicious. These members are required to take a class in order to identify what is considered a   suspicious behavior in a church setting. Every  person interested in a security position is also required to do a background check.

* Medical helpers are people trained in CPR, know where the AED is, and regularly attend Sunday               morning services.
Leaders: Lorie and Haines Dennis

Leadership & Discipleship

* Small Group or Class Leader A small group consists of congregants that meet for bible studies, prayer etc. We  encourage everyone to be part of a small group. Leaders are needed to host a specific group either at the church, their home or online. These leaders are to teach a class and lead discussion with questions from a provided book or  specific area of interest. It is advised being a part of a small group before teaching one.
Leader: Pastor Shawn Delacourt

Finance & Office

* Tellers are for volunteers that have an interest in money handling. After each service they are required to count all the money brought in during the Sunday worship time and make sure it is safely transferred off to the correct person for  distribution. This job does mandate a background check for safety purposes.    
 Head Teller: Lynda Smith 

* Office volunteering requires time during the week to help with various tasks, such as bulletin preparation and any variables needed for Sunday morning.

* Social media volunteers help create posts and communication through the church’s app and  social media accounts. These volunteers help keep up with messages sent to the church through these accounts.
Office: Alicia Bartels 

Community Service & Kitchen                    

* DFMC strives to be present in our community. Volunteers for community service help and come up with events to reach our community, i.e. breakfast for Teacher Appreciation . Volunteers may also help run drives in the church, i.e. \ Pregnancy Resource Center, School supplies, and the Christmas Giving Tree. Other ideas are welcome.
Leader: Pastor Shane Bengry

* Funeral Dinners and Event volunteers set up, serve, host, and clean up after each event.

* Sunday Donuts and Lobby Coffee volunteers pick up donuts between 8:30-9 on a Sunday morning from   Tim Horton’s. Set up is required for both donuts and free coffee in the lobby.

*Coffee Bar volunteers arrive at 9:30 on Sunday morning. They help set up, provide pour over coffees for donations, and then clean up once service begins.
Coffee Bar: Shawn Delacourt 
Funeral Dinners: Alicia Bartels 

Care & Prayer  

* Care is volunteers who want to minister to members of the congregation. This could include calling or visiting with different congregants who need fellowship and support during tough times, sending welcome cards and follow up with new guests who have attended the church, and being willing to help with various tasks when congregants are in need. This could include home and hospital visits if desired. Provide a meal.

* Prayer is an important part of any church, and we need volunteers to coordinate, lead, and develop prayer groups throughout the church. Different prayer groups meet Tuesday morning, Wednesday evening, and Sunday morning before church service.
Leader: Mary Bengry