DFM Student Ministries is for all teenagers, grades 5th - 12th grade.

This is what we believe God calls us to be about:

  • Getting to grow our relationships with God and having a safe place to explore that
  • Forming relationships to have a community of support
  • Modeling the importance of servanthood by learning and having opportunities to serve others

As we continue to meet on Wednesday nights with all 5th -12th graders, we also continue to grow student leadership and community goals. This fall, we want to dive into some deep topics with the teens and process some tough questions that students deal with today. We love this ministry and ask that you continue to pray for God to reveal Himself to these teens and for them to be willing to grow that relationship with Him!

Please contact Pastor Emma with any questions at emma@dfmchurch.org

Fall 2022 Upcoming Dates for 5th-12th Grade

*Please note all ages meet Wednesday nights from 6-7:30 
unless otherwise noted.

August 24th (W): 
Regular Youth Group Resumes @DFMC

August 28th (S): 
Student Leadership and Service Interest Lunch

September 14th (W): Powder Puff Game

September 21st (W): Pizza Mania

October 5th (W): Movie Night

October 22nd (S): Pumpkin Patch

November 2nd (W): NO YOUTH GROUP

November 9th (W): Special Event

November 18th (F)Parents Night Out Fundraiser

November 23rd (W): NO YOUTH GROUP

December 7th (W): City-Wide Christmas Party

December 14th (W): Christmas Party

December 21st (W): Movie Night @ The Delacourts

December 28th (W): NO YOUTH GROUP

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Youth services for grades 9 - 12 are held Sunday evenings from 6 - 7:30 pm .

Grades 5 - 8 meet on Wednesday evenings from 6 - 7:30 pm.

For more information, contact Pastor Lenny: lenny@dfmchurch.org

Whenever we leave the premises for an event, each student needs a permission and medical consent waiver form fill out.

Click here to download the form. The form can by typed or handwritten, but must be returned to Pastor Lenny before the event - it can be sent by email to him.

Check out the DFM Student Ministries Facebook
  or DFMC Student Ministries Instagram  for current events/activities.

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